Friday, October 16, 2009

Dark night of the soul ~ on being compassionate to my self

working through the Artist's Way during the Dark Moon has been one hell of a journey. Reading through Week 9, I realised that closing Tales of Inglewood had been a creative U-turn for me. Julia described perfectly how I was feeling.. closing the blog, shamed by my reaction: ashamed of what people were thinking of me.... then realized that I do love my blog and to talk to my inner child that it is ok to blog without an obligation to others, that I don't have to apologize for how I am. To blog for my creative self..

but I still felt silly for 'over-reacting' to how I felt.. so reading some more, I saw that by closing Inglewood and taking time away, I could recycle things.. bring those that I loved back to a new blog when I am ready to return..

Going through this Dark Moon I have actually found alot of help from Spirit, in being directed to a book by Thomas Moore. Dark Nights of the Soul. I went to the book shop today and only one copy on the shelf, which is now mine.. and honestly, this man wrote this book for me.. I am engrossed with the book..

out of the Dark Moon time came this poem.. it is not polished but it came from my fingers while I sat listening to Gregorian chants last night, while many candles burned to bring some light into my Soul:

My soul follows the Moon
falling from light and fullness
to the darkness of my soul
matching that of the Moon.
struggling with day to day life
not knowing where to turn
ever forgetting to look within
my heart aches
like a crack of lightning.
needing to journey inward
to find love & understanding of self
to sit in the darkness
accepting, nurturing, in stillness
until the Moon once again turns to Full.
to Light.