Tuesday, November 18, 2008

day 16 & 17 - non events

I have had a headache.... a migraine actually. I think it is from all this soul searching as well as trying to read a New Earth, which I just cannot get into... then of course, I started to stress that I was not 'enlightened' - because according to the book, if you can't get into it and it doesn't make sense and is meaningless then I am not ready to be awakened.....so it has gone to the bottom of my pile. I am also reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' (for a bit of light reading!!) - and it is fantastic.. it is the 2nd time I have read it and I am going to take a leaf from this book and just speak to God, .. bypass the ancestors and guides & go directly to the top to the Source... Tell the Divine all my worries and concerns and ask God to fix it.. I think I will write a letter tonight.

When I developed the headache, I made myself go outside into the fresh air and garden. So I spent 2 hours pulling borage out, planting cucumbers and mulching my beans... grounding is what I need right now... but I digress......

the past few days have been non-events on the Soul Coaching journey for me.. day 16 all about routine.. and i am a routine girl all the way. I need it. I thrive on it. So there is no way I am going to change my routine.... and joy? oh how I struggle with it. I have been a serious soul since I was a child. Like I am on a mission and nothing is going to take my focus from it... but I gotta get me some joy, if it is the last thing I do....
day 17 - not much happened today, the migraine killed any type of soul work. I slept & gardened that is about it...my energy level is really low.. maybe I am just not ready to face my shadow self.. maybe my headache is my soul needing a break... whatever it is- I hope that by tomorrow I will be back on deck..


Serena said...

I'm so sorry to hear you suffered with migraine today, Robyn. I've never tried either of these remedies but I've been told that brown paper that has been wetted with vinegar and placed on the forehead is a good cure for migraine. Also, fresh potato peelings laid on the forehead is another method you may be interested in trying.

Re. A New Earth - It's a pretty deep book and it's probably wise not to be in the midst of other books whilst reading it. I'm one who normally has quite a few books on the go at once but I found, with A New Earth, that I had to focus my full attention on it and only read chapter by chapter so I could take it all in. The Oprah videos were a HUGE help in understanding it. I received your email and will respond back very soon.

love, light and peace,

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Robyn, it´s ok to disagree with Tolle just as you have disagreed with Linn sometimes. Although he tries hard not to, he has some "I´m enlightened and you are not if you don´t do as I say" moments.

I found the first part harder to get through and nodded and smiled at others. I took a week per chapter.

As Serena says it might prove a bit too much to deal with all those books at the same time and the videos help.

Now I have this image of me as a fresh salad with peeled potatos and vinegar at the school´s doors. :D

Genie Sea said...

Hugs. :)

Go with the flow my friend and be kind to yourself. Sleeping and gardening sounds like a blissful way to do so. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm with here here too, struggling with a migraine. Having a tough couple of days, sorry you are too. Just so you know, I think A New Earth is just full of it. I detested the book and the author and feel he used Oprah to become famous and make money so I think it's a good thing it doesn't speak to your spirit.

Q said...

Dear Robyn,
Getting to know you is delightful!
So sorry you have a migraine. Hope getting into the dirt helped.
You already are enlightened and awake. You are open to the ways of spirit. You love. It is all that is asked. It is a simple way to live but not always easy.
Looking forward to spending time with you and your journals.

Caroline said...

I agree with Paula---Just because you can't get into Tolle does not make you less enlightened! Eat, Pray, Love was just as enlightening for me. What works for one does not work for all! Even in this journey...I found last week to be very uneventful for the most part. There is no right and wrong here...

I hope your migraine goes away soon...I get those and it's awful!!!

Jamie said...

I'm going to go join Suzie in the minority of people who are adamantly not on The New Earth journey. The book drove me insane. And I don't think it's because I'm not "ready" for the content - what pretention! Tolle's just not speaking to me. Book closed.

It's wonderful you're trusting your instincts now and getting grounded. I think the soul work is going on and you just need to take care of you.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Fatma said...

Thank you for sharing with us although you have a migraine. You are an earth angel.

gemma said...

:-)Ear Love Pray was a great book!
Right now I'm reading a mystery along with Soul Coaching.
Working in the yard always helps me feel better.

Turtleheart said...

So sorry to hear you are dealing with a migraine. Fire week is intense and I'm feeling it, too.

I am a routine gal too, only so many of my routines aren't good for me. I love hearing about your gardening, so wonderful that you take care of yourself by doing that grounding. You know what you need for this journey, you're right where you need to be and doing fine.


Leah said...

ugh. i get migraines too and they're no fun!

for me, one soul searching book at a time is the best way to go if i'm going to get the most i can out of it. so perhaps that's why you couldn't get into it. either way, i'd just leave it in the pile for now and maybe come back to it later or just watch the videos if you're very interested in it.

hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Dia said...

I hope you are feeling better!! My daughter gets migraines, too, & I always feel helpless! I like the homeopatic gelsimium, & have taken it when I got the 'migraine patterns' that my kids had told me about, & headed off a 'real' headache!

I had to laugh at your struggles with Eckhart!! I just received my 'book bundle' with Soul Coaching, SoulCollage, & New Earth. I'm part of a book group, & we're moving into chapter 3 this week & I had SO MUCH RESISTANCE to getting the book!!
I read a bit of it last night, & found it more enjoyable than I expected - I had my own 'awakening' experience ~ 20 years ago, so feel comfortable in that (of course I'm not 'awake' all the time - but I have a frame of reference1!) Some of the gals in the group are very 'gung ho' on Eckhart; some of the others say "I HOPE he doesn't think he invented these ideas," - so we're in good company!


chest of drawers said...

Oh my goodness, look at those comments! It seems we either love or hate Tolle. What I learned from reading his book was to accept things as they are which was exactly what I needed. I was so stuck worrying about what other people were thinking of me and saying to me. That´s gone now.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Ohpe you will be feeling better soon. This is no fun at all !!!!

Dia said...

tee hee :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

I am enjoying the 'movement' & exercises in Soul Coaching - find just 'reading about' being here now isn't nearly as engaging = for me!! I'm going to suggest SC for one of our next books :)