Thursday, November 6, 2008

daY fivE ~ breathing a sigh of relief

*phew* yesterday, I felt like I had been through the wringer.. I went to bed, confused and soul sad... talking to Mary Magdalene as I went off to sleep, begging her to be with me and to let me know that she was.. one can only hope.....

I woke early with a freshness to my soul. The sun was shining and today was a new day. Even my sinuses were clear.. so I did my morning ritual and started working on today's reading.......the wind from the past few days had dropped to a gentle breeze ~ a gentle energy for the Earth and myself ~ we are one. Reading today's affirmation made me gasp - because that is exactly how I felt.

I opened the windows wide, so that the fresh air & energy could blow through my home. blowing any stale energy out and filling it with fresh, vibrant energy....
My home is truly a refuge for my soul ~ I have strived for that for a few years now. When people visit here, I can sometimes see a change in their soul while they sit and have tea - a peace comes over them. That, gives me joy.

I wandered around my home -noticing little things that need to be decluttered, making notes to myself & noticed that my kitchen is probably one room where my energy wanes... it is always clean but for the life of me, i cannot keep it tidy.. a note to self to do a major declutter in the next few weeks... most of my cupboards were tidied during my spring clean - but there are a few areas that I could do again. I decided to do one area today and that was my dining table.. a collector of bits.. a place where things are put that need to be put away... so i put things away, through things out and polished the table... tomorrow, I will pick a bunch of spring roses to put in the middle for the weekend.

Later in the afternoon, I went outside to do the exercise that was suggested.. just sitting on a bench in my garden & started to breathe. The air was warm, balmy, going into my nostrils and as I sat with my eyes closed, the wind started to blow. gently at first then stronger and cooler. My hair was moving gently around my face. The wind was blowing around me and through me until I was one with the wind... my whole body became air as I sat and stated the affirmation to my SELF three times. I feel so excited and energised now and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

I am still having difficulty catching those negative ego voices though,.. if anyone has any ideas on how to deal with them, please let me know.. ta!


amelia said...

Personally I find that decluttering helps me get rid of negativity. I have an island in my kitchen and, like your dining table, is a repository for everything that doesn't really have a home and looking at it really brings me down. When I deal with it and it's clean and clear, I feel light again...

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so glad it's a better day for you today! Those negative voices can knock us off our feet, can't they? I'm so glad you're dusting yourself off and tackling the clutter issue once more. There is a lot in life we have no control over but this is something we can do.

Just be aware of that inner voice and say, "Hey! I see what you're up to! It isn't working anymore."

That's what I'm going to do. Hope it helps Robyn!

Fatma said...

Become a sacred observer. With time you will move into thoughts that build you up. It takes time so be gentle with yourself. I also find that making the decision to see good, hear good, speak good and feel good has helped me enormously align with the life I want to live.

If your home feels good to others then you are already doing much right.

Serena said...

I'm so glad that you had a better day today, Robyn. It's wonderful that people feel relaxed and happy when they visit your home too.

As for the negative ego voice, acknowledge it but then replace the negative with a positive.

Gemma said...

a sigh of relief!
Who knew there would be so much enjoyment of air!
Isn't it great?
Sending love to you on a gentle breeze.

todayandeveryday said...

Catching those ego voices IS dealing with them. You catch yourself and say, "ah, there's one" and then you let it go. Do NOT cling to it. Do not repeat and affirm it. Recognize it, because it is and you can't deny what is, but then let it go--just like the a breeze. You feel it, you say, "ah there's a breeze" and then you let it go you don't go running after it trying to catch it and hold it.

It takes time and I can tell you are making progress. Just look at how refreshed you woke up this morning!! that is renewal and promise from the divine at its BEST.

Keep going, Robyn. Just keep going.
Peace~ Dawn

Bohemian Single Mom said...

I love this post. It relaxes me just reading it.
I'd LOVE to come to your home and have tea with you. It sounds like such a wonderful treat for the soul.
Keep up the great writing.

meandmom said...

I live in Seattle and if I had sat on a bench I would have gotten very wet :) So I will imagine that I am visiting you in your home that sounds lovely and comforting and that we are quietly sipping tea on your bench and feeling that wind on our faces. Thanks for this image!

Genie Sea said...

What a magnificent day! How amazingly peaceful and full!

I love that your home is a haven for you and those who visit. That is a great success!

You empower me with your words! Thank you!

I find the best way to deal with the ego-negative is to let it natter away and ignore it like a mosquito that doesn't know its place. :)

Kavindra said...

I just realized you are in the spring! What a beautiful time to be doing all this clearing, like you are plowing the internal fields. What wonderful things will spring up and blossom I wonder? Exciting.
(I am in a grey autumn, but it is also a good time to hunker down and look inside, so the time is always right I suppose.)

Tori said...

I went to bed confused as well. I guess we both woke up and surprised ourselves. Confusion leads to new beginnings.

When you catch that inner negative voice you just need to let it go. Will it to go away, and it will.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful energy you've created in your home, one that welcomes and touches people as they experience it. You do that here as well. In fact, I bet you carry that magic with you everywhere.

Sage Moonstone said...

The only thing that has worked to stop the negative voice (that seems to be stuck on repeat in my head!) was to try some of Kelly Howell's Brain Sync Cds:

I used The Secret Universal Mind Meditation, it works while you sleep (even helps put you to sleep, which was what I needed). I love all her CDs!