Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 24 - how easy can this be?

something that came to me (and actually surprised me) as I was reading this exercise, was that I am not as downtrodden or insecure as I thought I was. Having been told for many years in the past, that I had an inferiority issue, then I believed I did.
But I am a strong, intuitive wise woman !!
When I walk, I mostly walk standing tall and with a confident pace. I hold my head up cause I don't want to miss anything. Sometimes I may have a frown on my face, but that is because I am deep in thought and I know I frown when I think.

I do believe in past lives and I do believe that we have bought some of them with us, strongly, so that we can join them together in this life.. to consolidate our wisdom from our various incarnations... that is my theory or one of them. Sometimes when I go walking I even see myself as a tall priestess. I am not tall in this life at all but I really see this tall woman, striding along in a green dress. that is me and she gives me confidence..

These exercises have been quite easy for me. I do try to exude and aura of inner peace, wisdom & joy. Do I succeed? Sometimes. Sometimes I feel ratty and ungrounded or sometimes totally out of control and that is when I need to centre and ground.

By reading all of these exercises it kind of affirms to me that i am on the right track in my life.... That makes me feel wonderful!! Like getting 100% in an exam. OOPS there goes the ego again: whispering "remember, pride goes before a fall - don't give in to this pride" - oh thanks for that Mr Ego...but I don't believe this anymore. I choose not to.


Kavindra said...

I love the idea of a petite woman striding long strides with her tall regal spirit! In a green dress no less. You are a queen, such an inspiration.
And yes, you get an A plus on this and every test!

Anonymous said...

It's not pride if it is the truth. Keep on strutting, you are right in doing so!

Fatma said...

Yes! Thank you for shining your light! It is time for the ball.

I feel regal too and I am not tall either.

Genie Sea said...

LOL! Bad ego! :)

You seem at least 9 feet tall to me :)

peppylady said...

You have a wonderful way of looking at this.
Better then I did thanks for the insight.

Coffee is on.

Serena said...

Great post, Robyn....I too love the idea of your tall regal Priestess walking with you. BRAVO!

love, light and peace,

Dia said...

That's a great image!! I used to slump a lot as a kid, after taking ballet (adult) I began to 'walk proud!' I can just see you with your goddess self alongside!

Jamie said...

A tall priestess in green, walking calmly and confidently. Oh, yes, I can see you now.

And gold star! 100%! A+! How wonderful to discover that you are doing so well. Yay!