Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 28 ~ I AM the essence of LOVE ~ and near panic

part of me is absolutely panicking that Soul Coaching has finished - gone are the daily affirmations in my diary, gone is the purpose for journaling each day but most that I am panicking about is losing the wonderful connections that I have made. I wish with all my heart that we can keep in touch. I know i have been among an amazing group of women, worldwide. I feel part of a sisterhood and I know I have been blessed by wise words and insights... And I have realized that I am not alone in my constant search and struggle to find out who I am....

and yes, I have been helped to peel back layers of my onion, layers of my self....

onto today's exercise: LOVE - oh yes, I wish to be the essence of love. PURE LOVE... I go through my day, trying to beam love out to all who pass my way. So that they may feel loved when I am around. I still struggle with not accepting other people's faults. I still get frustrated when people don't see that I have changed and am wanting to be peaceful, loving and kind.. cause sometimes I wasn't.. sometimes I was angry and it showed.... part of me feels like slapping them and shaking them and telling them that I have changed and I am the essence of love, can't they see that?????..... standing back, I see that this is totally defeating the purpose and I laugh out loud - it has to be my ego trying to keep my in line.. trying to keep me angry and lost and I stamp my feet and I will not allow my ego to control me or my life for one second more.. yes, I will stumble and fall but during this past month, I have learned to accept this, to stand up, brush my knees and continue trying. And I will try and I will succeed


Genie Sea said...

LOL Robyn! You crack me up honey.

First of all, hello? I'm not going anywhere, and I don't think many of us are either. Is there a rule that we cannot keep in touch? :)I will be checking in on you regularly. Just try and get rid of me. I am one of your blogs followers :)

Secondly, if people can't see the lovely loving, fiery, hilarious person you are, then it's on them not you :)

Kavindra said...

One of the many things I love about you is how you can make me laugh out loud even while you are saying something wise and true.
I love having met you, and I will be following you all around blogland. I am addicted to your insights and your humor.
Much love to you and thank you for all your kindness to me
Lisa aka Kavindra

Serena said...

I felt that same sort of angst you did, Robyn....I've shed tears over it too. Our paths have crossed in this amazing soul journey and I certainly plan to continue visiting your blog. Just as our soul journey continues, may we all continue to bless each other in friendship and love.

love, light and peace,

Anonymous said...

I love reading your insights! I completely understand the wanting to shake people and shout I am different. Although, I could never imagine you being angry. You are so lovnig and caring and inspirational. We will all definitely stay in touch. We have to don we I mean it has been 28 days, haven't we made connecting with each other a habit? I know I have. Keep in touch and I will check in on you often!

Tori said...

I'm not going anywhere! Promise. I'm following your blog- so I'm keeping in touch. ;)

Soul Coaching might be over... but you still have a purpose to journal! Your journey is still going. You have a long path ahead of you.

If other people aren't seeing that you're different then that's because they're not looking. Make them look for the differences and they will notice them.

creativehealinggoddess said...

Thank you for being you Robyn....the ironic thing is the word verification is 'fanta' how hilarious....

TheModernGoddess said...

You are the essence of love Robyn... and every time you dust yourself off, remind yourself of it. If others cannot see that you are the essence of love, then maybe it's a sign for you to move on and let them be. You don't need to prove yourself, accept and love you, and others will too.

It was a blessing to share this journey with you. Thank you! Blessings to you, Nicole x

PS: I'll still be hanging around in cyberspace, feel free to tap me on the shoulder whenever you like.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Gotcha. You are in my Blogfeeds so I can keep up with you. :)
Come, visit me any time. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments at my place.

peppylady said...

You got a great humor in your soul.
Just remember we are still human and there always two different sides to pancake.
I also feel a little sad I got anther light shining now.

I'm doing the next book and ordering it Monday.

Coffee is on.

Dia said...

tee hee! Don't you love it when we're working at being spiritual, loving, whatever, & get all bent out of shape over folks not NOTICING!! I've done that, too, lol!
One of my girlfriends, who does need some slack, 'cause she's been depressed, made a comment about not 'buying into' the stuff I believe, . . . sigh.

I'm not going anywhere, either! looking forward to seeing more layers :)

Danette said...

There is something so important about being seen, isn't there? I totally relate to that feeling where you grow inside and it almost seems like nobody noticed. I think those moments help me to stop and articulate what it is that I want to have seen, what I am proud of. Thank you for reminding me of that.

You certainly do not need to panic! I am not going anywhere either, and you have found a community that sees you in full colour.


Jamie said...

One of the best things about this journey is how we have all connected. Whatever happens next, we are a part of each other for all that we've shared :)

Thank you for being love!