Friday, November 28, 2008

day 26 ~ a perfect day! I BELONG.

A.M: I am at home wherever I am.... for those of you who have known me for sometime, you will know that I have never felt at home here in Australia, although I was born here. My soul has forever yearned for Cornwall, land of my ancestors, even before I knew that is where my roots came from.. it was something deep inside.

Australia is a wild, ancient land. Full of mystery. It is harsh and forbidding. But it is also wise. It is full of colour that you have never seen. We have a sky that goes forever. More stars at night than you can imagine. And I am beginning to fall in love with it..

with this feeling of being displaced, of not belonging to this ancient land, a foreigner to the land that I was born... today is the perfect day to start believing and feeling that I do belong here. That I am home.

It is time to rid myself of this dis-connectedness once and for all... I can begin to walk through the bush and affirm that I am at home here in Australia.

P.M: can you believe how the Universe works!!! this afternoon, I received an invitation to an initiation ceremony for women. Run by an aboriginal woman to help women reconnect. It is being held next March. so I say YES.!!!!! I will do this. As much as I will be out of my comfort zone, going alone .. I will do it !!!!!


Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Robyn, (I start so many of my comments on your blog that way, LOL), I am so happy to hear you are finally connected with where you live. That the natural world is calling to you, that her people are finding you, wanting to help you. It's so wonderful.

I made huge headway in my crafts room, one step at a time, I'm making my home too.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awesome, totally cool, the way the Universe answered to the nature of your call. :)

Fatma said...

I am so glad you said YES!

I wish for you that you come home to yourself in the way you are most yearning for.

Genie Sea said...

YES! YES! YES! :) I am so glad you finally feel at home where you are. Yearning to be elsewhere can be so unsettling! :) It seems your comfort zone is expanding like you are :)

Serena said...

YES! You belong!

Robyn, for the longest time, I yearned to be in America, in a different era. I felt such a strong connection to the Native American people. It was almost like I had no control over it. I read book after book about their history and culture....I hated being stuck in Australia. Funny thing was, when I lived in Wyoming for over a year, I had very little connection with the native peoples and, when I came home to Australia....I truly 'came home'. That strong yearning just weird is that?

I'm so glad that you said YES to the initiation ceremony in March. I wish I was going too.

love, light and peace,

amelia said...

The March ceremony sound like a wonderful thing for you.

It will be a real test for you to go alone too..

gemma said...

I have heard the call from ancient lands. Always felt the need to reconnect with ancient tribe.(I thought perhaps Peru....because of dreams of llamas)
The internet has made it possible to connect with some of my bohemian tribe! Where ever we came from. :-)
What an awesome opportunity to
ceremony with aboriginal women.
Love you Robyn


Tracy said...

How wonderful, Robyn!

Tori said...

How perfect Robyn! I hope you do find that sense of belonging. The Universe is sending you hints. This group is going to help you do just what you want! Congrats. =)

Allison said...

You are brave & seeking out those connections you desire. So amazing!

Dia said...

Oh, Robyn - I'm so happy for you!!
I've felt restless at times - I'll love a place for awhile, then things will shift, & I'll feel itchy feet, . . .
I love that opportunity to do ceremony in March - & knowing about it now, you'll be preparing (at least internally) for the next 4 months!! Yea!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool coincidence to invited to that women's group!
You are connecting with your roots and that is fabulous!

Pearl said...

How cool is that! So glad you are feeling that you can connect with the big red earth continent.
Really enjoying reading your thoughts. You are pretty brave the way you delve so deeply into yourself and I do hope that this Soul Coaching has benefited you. Sounds like it from what you write.

Jamie said...

That is amazing!!! You are home and you are being welcomed home.